28 Aug 2016
The 2015 Yorkshire Scrumpy available in 500ml still and sparkling bottles to the trade and 5, 10 and 20 litre Bag in the Box. 

17 Nov 2015
Weve processed a record quantity of fruit. Close to 6 tons collected and processed by hand. Thers over 3250 litres fermenting and we will start to bottle and get it out to everyone by late summer 2016.

19 Sept 2014
Cider seasons started again but it looks like fruit quantity on the trees is down 50% from last years high. Weve got more sources of apples but I dont know if it will overcome the drop in the harvest. We will see. Just preparing for the 2nd cider day of the year with about 340Kgs of apples to process.

25 July 2014
After 10 month slowly fermenting and ageing were proud to announce were open for business. We have Yorkshire Scrumpy available in 500ml still and sparkling bottles to the trade and 5, 10 and 20 litre Bag in the Box. We will have a list of places where our cider is available as soon as possible.

17 Nov 2013
What a season. 3.7 tons of fruit from 69 trees into 2500 litres of cider. Some stats, thats 280 baskets of fruit. 1.2 tons of apple pulp composted, 9 cider days in total with the last on the 17th November. Theres more fruit out there but weve kind of hit a storage limit for this year.

12 Oct 2013
Its still only mid season and weve collected 1.9 tons so far and produced 1250 litres of juice. The stainless tanks have arrived and have been filled. Another 2 have been ordered . The enviromental team at Leeds city council has been informed registring us as a food producer and we're awaiting a reply. HMRC have come back to us and accepted our application. Its all go

13 Sept 2013
Weve already collected over 500Kgs and made 180 litres with so much more fruit on the trees. We've ordered 2 x 550 litre stainless steel tanks to help with storage and quality. Things are moving forward. Our CP33 HMRC form has been sent off so were hopefully up and running now in a small way. Roll on summer 2014

26 June 2013
The ciders great but different from last year and we're putting that down to the bad weather and poor fruit and quantity. Hopefully this year we will finally crack the 2000 litre goal. A new professional apple mill has been ordered and were really excited for the start of the new cider season. Videos to follow as ever.

11 Nov 2012
This year has seen a 50% fall in production instead of a 100% increase. weve achieved a better juice recovery rate but just could not recover from the lack of fruit. A centrifugal mill is a must for 60% plus juice recovery rates.

09 Nov 2012
Just getting ready for the last cider day this year. Were trying a hobby centrifugal scratter to see what happens to the recovery rate with the press we have.

08 Sept 2012
APLH personal license arrived from Leeds City Council.

18 july 2012

New rubber aprons have arrived for this years cider production. Health and Safety is starting take over but were still going to make it as much fun as possible.

10 July 2012
Fnished the last of the bottling today. 3 x 20 litre Bag in Box and the rest, dosed with sugar for some naturally carbonated bottles cider to last the rest of 2011. Glad its all done and looking towards this season now.

02 July 2012

After a washout spring and early summer were not expecting a whole lot of fruit this year but what fruit sets should not suffer from the drought conditions of last year. So far there’s been no change in the equipment from 2012. The new mill will not be ready for this year and the conveyors on hold as I cant find a belt suitable but I'll keep looking.